Lenten menu - Completed 27.04.2019

Lenten menu картинка

 Today is the beginning of Lent!

The Aristokrat Restaurant and the Rublev Bar traditionally have a fast-food menu. Delicious and healthy dishes, save energy and strength for the whole day.

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Tomorrow the Rublev bar will again be filled with meat flavors - dishes are waiting for you on an open fire. картинка
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Holiday Pskov Pie! картинка
On April 20, as part of the Pskov Pie Holiday, we treat all guests to freshly baked apple pie. We are waiting for you at the restaurant-bar "Rublev"! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 ☎ + 7 911 380 20 20 Забронировать стол Меню

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Men's holiday - men's special offers on elite alcohol! картинка
On February 22 and 23, powerful discounts on cognac, Armagnac and whiskey will be available at the Rublev bar! Get together with your friends, reserve a table and enjoy Martell VSOP Cognac and Baron Otard VSOP Cognac at the price of VS, Samalens XO Armagnac at the price of VSOP, and Dewar's Signature and Glengoyne whiskey with a 50% discount....

50% discount on cognac, armagnac and whiskey! картинка
On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, by tradition, we congratulate the beloved men. Thank you for courage, dexterity, reliable and strong shoulder! Let's celebrate the main men's holiday in a big way! Today, in the bar "Rublev" there are pleasant discounts of 50% for cognac, armagnac and whiskey! We are waiting for you at the Old Estate...

New year's night картинка
New Year 2019 with Quality Mark Do you already know where you are celebrating the new 2019? On December 31, we invite you to celebrate the New Year with a quality mark in the Aristocrat restaurant. Collection of guests at 22:00 In a programme: Темат welcome cocktail with themed snacks Author's dishes from the chef of the restaurant "Aristocrat"...

Snack to beer as a gift! картинка
The right drinks give a pleasant tone to friendly conversations! Plan a visit to the exquisite "Rublev" bar - we have an excellent action: "When ordering two glasses of Czech dark beer Cernovar Cerne - rye toasts with cheese sauce as a gift." Beer Cernovar Cerne is a traditional Czech dark camp with a pleasant hop aroma and a rich malt flavor....

Wine tasting! картинка
On July 13, the restaurant "Aristocrat" invites you to a wine tasting evening and a lecture from a wine expert, sommelier Ruslan Devetyarov. This time we get acquainted with the bright wines of the Old World! This Friday you will try: Aperitif: Sparkling "La Gioiosa" Rosea Rose Brut Sparkling Bernard-Massard "Cuvee de l'Ecusson" Brut and goat...