Wi-Fi network terms and conditions
 Terms and conditions of use of the Wi-Fi network (WiFi Hotspot) at the facilities of LLC OLD QUARTERS

1. Internet access via WiFi Hotspot is not a commercial service and is provided to guests of the establishment at no cost.

2. The Hotspot user is prohibited from:
2.1. To place information, the distribution of which is limited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including calls for national discord, information offensive, threatening, slanderous, pornographic and other content that violates the legislation of the Russian Federation.
2.2. To disseminate information that offends the honor, dignity and business reputation of Internet users.
2.3. Infringe copyright on information posted on the Internet.
2.4. Engage in mass mailing, not requested by the addressee, messages of commercial, campaign and other content (spam mailing).
2.5. Commercial use of the Services for profit.
2.6. Perform any actions, such as: DoS-attacks, generation of parasitic traffic, flood, etc., which can lead to disruption of the functioning of the Hotspot network.
2.7. Publish or transmit any information or software that contains computer "viruses".

3. The administration of the institution is not responsible:
3.1. For any costs or damages, directly or indirectly, arising from the independent receipt or transmission by the User of Hotspot information and Services through the Internet and data network.
3.2. For damage caused by unauthorized access by third parties to the resources or devices of the Hotspot User, as well as when the User discloses account information (username, password and other information).
3.3. For damage caused to the User by Hotspot as a result of the operation of software products received by the User as a result of gaining access to the Internet.
3.4. For the quality of the Internet access services provided when the User uses the Hotspot for faulty or uncertified equipment, software, or if the User has incorrectly configured the software and hardware to access the Internet.
3.5. For direct or indirect damage resulting from errors, data loss, delays, breaks in the Internet or data transmission.
3.6. For the girth of the WiFi signal and the bandwidth of the WiFi network.

4. The owner of Wi-Fi Hotspot has the right to send advertising messages to the User through newsletters with information about new tariffs, discounts, promotions, company news, etc. The frequency of mailings is determined by the owner of Wi-Fi Hotspot independently, unilaterally.
4.1. The user agrees and allows the owner of Wi-Fi Hotspot to process their personal data (mobile phone number), including collecting, organizing, storing, storing, updating (updating, changing), using, depersonalizing, blocking, destruction of personal data, transfer to security services law and order during operational search activities.
4.2. The user agrees and authorizes the Wi-Fi hotspot owner to combine personal data into the personal data information system and process my personal data specified above using automation tools, as well as other software tools specifically developed on the instructions of the Wi-Fi hotspot owner and / or third parties.

5. By sending a request for SMS, the user agrees to these conditions and confirms his age category 18+.

6. If the user Hotspot does not agree with these terms and conditions, the user undertakes to immediately stop using the service.

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