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Restaurant - Bar "Rublev" is made in the old Russian style. It is located in the only remaining in Russia, not rebuilt House of the merchant, Statina XVII century. Recreated interiors of that time with unique wall paintings harmoniously combined with ultramodern furniture and decorative elements. After a busy day of work or, on the contrary, unhurried walks through ancient Pskov, you can look at the bar and spend the rest of the evening in this calm, peaceful atmosphere ..


In the menu of the Rublev bar, traditional Russian cuisine dishes prepared according to old Pskov recipes are served in the original pottery, as well as a variety of homemade drinks - sbiten, horseradish, cedar wood, delicious fruit drinks from cranberries, red currants and jelly. At any time of the year, on request, the chef will prepare meals for you on an open fire.


Bar "Rublev" 3D panorma:

A bright continuation of the Rublev bar is the Terrace and Refectory rooms. Custom-made furniture made of natural wood and leather, soft lighting and fresco-painted walls recreate an atmosphere of warmth and comfort coming from the depths of the centuries of the ancient city.


Orders are taken for celebrations in close family circle, as well as corporate events, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks.


On weekdays (from Monday to Thursday) from 12.00 to 15.00 in the bar "Rublev" there is a special offer "Business Time" - 15% discount on the whole menu.


The Rublev Bar combines the style of Russian antiquity and European service, which creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and traditional Russian hospitality.


Reservations at the bar "Rublev": +7 (911) 380-20-20.


Bar opening hours - from 12:00 to 01:00.







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