Awarding of the participants of the "Tastes of Russia" competition картинка
December 22, 2021 in the Administration of the Pskov region, a ceremonial presentation of diplomas to the participants of the second national competition of regional food brands "Tastes of Russia", organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, took place. One of the brands that presented the Pskov region in the competition...

Food delivery to your table картинка
Laying the table for the whole family is a difficult task. Drawing up the menu, purchasing the necessary products and the time spent at the stove - and the mood was gone. Delivery of food from the "Rublev" bar is an excellent solution to the problem! When ordering from 1000 rubles - free delivery. Discount for pickup - 10%. More details by...

Truffles as a gift картинка
It is always pleasant to give gifts to those close to any holiday. But the choice is not as easy as it seems. Handmade truffles from our confectioners will be a wonderful gift for your loved ones, which they will appreciate. Dark chocolate truffles with passionfruit, white chocolate with mango and martini, milk chocolate with raspberries ......

Potato pancakes картинка
Potato pancakes are a source of culinary fantasies and one of the most famous and favorite dishes in Russia. Despite the simplicity of preparation, this is a very tasty and satisfying dish. We invite you to the "Rublev" bar to try potato pancakes with light salmon salmon and sour cream! Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

Musical New Year's Eve at the Old Estate Hotel & SPA **** картинка
Spend New Year's Eve with the Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****! You will find a welcome cocktail with themed snacks, an interesting entertainment program "Oh Frost, Frost!" with the participation of the laureate of all-Russian and international music competitions, Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, animation for children and colorful fireworks. The menu of...

Discounts for Rublev bar guests картинка
Bar "Rublev" always offers its guests great deals: ►Business time From Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 there is a 15% discount on all menus, except for alcoholic beverages. ►Women's Day Every Tuesday, women's companies receive a 20% discount on all menus. ►Birthday We give a 15% discount on all birthday menus. ►Food delivery When ordering...

Important news from Rublev bar картинка
Dear guests! In accordance with the Decrees of the Governor of the Pskov region No. 177-UG dated 26.11.2021. and No. 189-UG dated 08.12.2021. visiting by adult citizens the Rublev bar (including banquets, weddings, corporate events, etc.) is possible upon presentation of one of the following documents (including in electronic form): a. a...

Birthday discount картинка
Wondering where to celebrate your birthday? Of course, in the "Rublev" bar! Bar "Rublev" gives a 15% discount on all birthday menus. The discount is valid on the birthday, 3 days before and 3 days after. Unique interior, rich menu, pleasant discounts, and, most importantly, close people nearby ... What could be better? Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful...

Special offer for hotel guests from Rublev Bar картинка
We have good news for the guests of the Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****! From November 24 to December 24, 2021 bar "Rublev" provides hotel guests with a 15% discount on all menus. ► The discount does not apply to breakfast and alcoholic beverages. ►The offer is valid for the period of stay at the hotel. ►To receive a discount, you must present a...

Aromatic kebab картинка
Would you like to taste delicious kebab? Then we are waiting for you in the "Rublev" bar! Its golden brown crust, appetizing aroma and juicy taste will not leave anyone indifferent. Well, if you do not have the opportunity to visit us, you can order delivery from us. More information +7 (911) 380-20-20

Women's day at the bar Rublev картинка
Tuesday is a great occasion for lovely ladies to visit the Rublev bar and try pancakes with strawberry jam! We remind you that every Tuesday women's companies are given a 20% discount on all menus. We are waiting for you at the "Rublev" bar!

COVID-restrictions картинка
Dear guests of the Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****! According to the Decree of the Governor of the Pskov Region dated October 21, 2021 No. 158-UG: ►from October 30 to November 7, 2021 ♦ The Aristocrat restaurant and the Rublev bar are open until 23:00. ♦ The hotel has a room service from 08:00 to 00:00. ♦ Daily food delivery from...

Weekend with bar Rublev картинка
Friday, which means, is the time to meet with family and friends in the "Rublev" bar. Here you can relax in a quiet environment, enjoy Russian cuisine and immerse yourself in history thanks to the interiors with unique wall paintings. We are waiting for you at the "Rublev" bar! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 + 7 (911) 380-20-20

Delicious cabbage soup from the Rublyov bar картинка
Have you tried our sauerkraut soup with beef yet? Then we are waiting for you! From Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 there is a 15% discount on all menus (* except for alcoholic beverages). Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

Hot smoked cod and vegetable salad картинка
Hot smoked cod and vegetable salad is a great lunch dish! We remind you that from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 there is a 15% discount on all menus (* except alcohol). Delivery of this dish is also available. More details +7 (911) 380-20-20

We are waiting for you at the Rublev bar картинка
For the weekend to be active and interesting, you need to have a good meal. You can do this in the "Rublev" bar, ordering, for example, pork ribs, smoked, with fried potatoes, fresh herbs and red onions. Booking + 7 (911) 380-20-20

We invite you to the Rublev bar картинка
Friday night is a great reason to visit the Rublev bar. A wide selection of Russian cuisine, an authentic interior and a calm atmosphere are simply created for a good rest. We are waiting for you at the "Rublev" bar!

Tuesday is women's day! картинка
Tuesday is women's day! Every Tuesday in the bar "Rublev" women's companies are given a 20% discount on all menus. Dear ladies, we are waiting for you!

Business lunch from the bar Rublev картинка
Pike cutlets are a great part of a hearty dinner! We remind you that from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 15:00 there is a 15% discount on all menus (except alcohol). Enjoy Russian cuisine at a bargain price!

Russian cuisine from the "Rublev" bar картинка
Bar "Rublev" is always ready to please you with a cozy atmosphere, delicious and hearty dishes of Russian cuisine. And all this is especially important in cool autumn weather. Food delivery available. We are waiting for you every day from 12:00 to 24:00! +7 (911) 380-20-20

Food delivery from the bar Rublev картинка
How sometimes you want someone to cook lunch or dinner for us! Bar "Rublev" will help your desires to come true. We offer you to arrange the delivery of your favorite dishes to your table. ►Our delivery is available every day from 12:00 to 21:00. ►The cost of delivery in Pskov is 150 rubles. ►When ordering from 1000 rubles - free delivery within...

Celebrations in the Rublev bar картинка
The terrace of the "Rublev" bar is a great place for a quiet wedding dinner, anniversary celebration or a small corporate party. We assure you that you will be satisfied with the holiday! Details and reservations + 7 (911) 380-20-20

Porcini Mushroom Chowder картинка
Autumn is a great time for everyone who wants to escape into the forest from the bustle of the city, get some fresh air and wander among the trees in search of mushrooms. Well, if you do not have time for a quiet hunt, then you can come to our bar "Rublev" and order mushroom dishes, for example, a delicious porcini mushroom stew. Waiting for you!

Russian vinaigrette with porcini mushrooms картинка
Vinaigrette is one of the most common dishes in Russia, and it often appears on our table. Its taste is always different due to the different combination of ingredients. Bar "Rublev" invites you to taste a deliciously aromatic and uniquely tasty Russian vinaigrette of boiled vegetables with porcini mushrooms. Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

Traditional russian drink картинка
Kissel is a traditional Russian drink and an incredibly healthy product. Want to try? Then we invite you to the Rublev bar. Raspberry and cranberry flavors at your choice. See you at the Rublyov bar!

Dumplings from the rublev bar картинка
Lush, thick, hot, melt in your mouth! All these are epithets for dumplings from the "Rublev" bar. Hurry up to try it!

Honey cake from the bar Rublev картинка
Honey cake served with walnuts and physalis is a wonderful dessert for a great mood! We are waiting for you at the "Rublev" bar! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 +7 (911) 380-20-20

We invite you to the "Rublev" bar! картинка
Planning a family dinner, want a quick lunch during your workday, or just want to try something new? We are waiting for your visit! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 Tel. +7 (911) 380-20-20

Terrace of the bar "Rublev" картинка
The terrace is the best place to dine in fine weather. We invite you to the “Business Time” lunch event at the “Rublev” bar. From Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00 you have a 15% discount on all menus (* except alcohol). Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

Atmospheric place! картинка
Friday ... The long-awaited weekend is coming. We wish you a good rest and invite you to visit the "Rublev" bar! Here you can not only taste traditional Russian cuisine, but also immerse yourself in history. Our bar is located in the only preserved in Russia not rebuilt House of the merchant Statina of the 17th century. The reconstructed...

Summer is the time for barbecue! картинка
Summer is the time for barbecue! If you do not have the opportunity to go to the country house and cook this summer delicacy on your own, then we invite you to taste the aromatic and delicious chicken kebab in the "Rublev" bar. We are sure you will like it! Reservation +7 (911) 380-20-20

Vegetable snacks  картинка
Vegetable snacks are always a great idea for both everyday and festive tables. In our bar you can order assorted pickles of cucumbers, sauerkraut, pepper and pickled garlic or assorted fresh vegetables with raspberry dressing. We are sure you will enjoy both appetizers! Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

Okroshka on kvass картинка
What does summer mean to you? This is the sun, sea, beach, vacation, fresh fruits and berries, soft drinks, ice cream, sorbet…. And, of course, the traditional cold soup - okroshka on kvass with meat delicacies and sour cream, which you can try in our bar! In the photo: okroshka on kvass with dried smelt. Reservation +7 (911) 380-20-20

Business time in the bar "Rublev" картинка
No productive day should be complete without a full meal! We remind you that from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00 in the "Rublev" bar there is a 15% discount on all menus (except for alcoholic beverages). Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

Have a rest on the terrace of the bar "Rublev" картинка
After a busy week of work, it's time to look into the spacious terrace of the "Rublev" bar, taste local cuisine and spend a wonderful evening in a calm and cozy atmosphere. See you at the Rublyov bar! Reservations by phone +7 (911) 380-20-20

Berry dessert from the "Rublev" bar картинка
Summer is the time to enjoy fresh berries and berry desserts. Neither adults nor children will refuse such a delicacy. On a hot summer day in the “Rublev” bar you can pamper yourself with strawberries mashed with sugar and served with whipped cream. You will remember the taste and aroma of this dessert for a long time! See you at the...

The joy of a sweet tooth картинка
Ice cream is one of everyone's favorite product, especially in the summer heat. Bar "Rublev" invites you to pamper yourself with this cool dessert prepared only from natural products. Enjoy the unique taste of childhood!

Thursday is a fish day!  картинка
Thursday is a fish day! This means that you have a great reason to visit the "Rublev" bar and order pike perch fillet with mashed potatoes and creamy leeks. Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

Salads on the menu of the "Rublev" bar картинка
Summer has come - the time for all kinds of salads. In the summer, you always want to eat something light, tasty and nutritious. Salad is a great option for any of us. Bar Rublev invites you to try a variety of salads from its menu! For example, a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with sour cream or sunflower oil. Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful...

Summer menu of Santa Claus картинка
Gastronomic tourism is a bright, promising travel destination that allows you to look at the region through the prism of the peculiarities of local cuisine. Gastronomic tourism is no stranger to Santa Claus from Veliky Ustyug, who came to our city to invite Pskov people to the XI Russian Hanseatic Days. Well, the best place to get acquainted...

Cold soups from the "Rublev" bar! картинка
Summer offer from the "Rublev" bar! Cold borscht and okroshka on kvass with meat delicacies are a great alternative to hot options! The combination of ease of preparation, low calorie content and the ability to satisfy hunger well - all this makes these dishes indispensable in the summer menu! We invite you to taste these soups in the "Rublev"...

Summer offer from the bar "Rublev" картинка
Finally summer! And what could be better than a cool, invigorating drink in the summer? Bar “Rublev” invites you to try the novelties of the seasonal menu - “Home” lemonade with rose hips, cold ginger drink with anise and “Golden Ginger” with pineapple juice and honey. Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

Sunday discount at the bar Rublev картинка
Sunday is a great occasion to get together with the whole family at the “Rublev” bar! Every Sunday we provide a 15% discount on all menus for couples with children. A sweet gift for little guests! Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

Color of the bar Rublev картинка
Our colorful bar was created for lovers of Russian cuisine. In the halls of the bar there is an absolute balance: heavy tables, oak chairs, distinctive chandeliers and minimalism in dishes. During the day, you can dine here in a relaxed atmosphere, and after work or walking around our ancient city, you can spend the rest of the evening here with...

Mushroom starters картинка
Mushrooms, both by themselves and in combination with other products, have always been and will be a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. Mushrooms are dried, fried, stewed, boiled. But snacks with salted and pickled mushrooms are especially popular. We invite you to taste our delicious mushroom snacks: "spicy" porcini, pickled mushrooms and...

Fruit drinks from the bar "Rublev" картинка
On a warm May day, I really want to drink something refreshing. Bar "Rublev" invites you to taste homemade fruit drinks. Red currant or cranberry juice: which one will you choose? Bar Rublev - a tasteful choice!

Large selection of snacks at the Rublev bar картинка
What, if not good snacks, make a great addition to your main course? Bar "Rublev" offers you a wide selection of hot and cold snacks. Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

Delicacy of Rublev Bar картинка
Lard ... A product that has been giving birth to myths for many decades. Some argue about the country of origin of the product, others talk about its beneficial and harmful properties. Be that as it may, bacon leaves no one indifferent. Bar "Rublev" invites you to taste homemade bacon. And if you do not have the opportunity to visit us, we can...

Rest in Rublev Bar картинка
Weekends are the time to have a good rest and a good meal, and you can do this in the “Rublev” bar. Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

New menu item - pig's ears! картинка
Bar "Rublev" presents a novelty on the menu - Smoked Piggy's Ears, with rye croutons and sour cream, horseradish and garlic sauce. Recommended! Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

Weekend in Rublev Bar! картинка
The long-awaited weekend is coming. We wish you a pleasant stay and invite you to visit the "Rublev" bar! Here you can relax in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy traditional Russian cuisine and homemade drinks. Bar "Rublev" - a choice with taste!

The magic of cooking картинка
Cooking is nothing more than magic that requires talent and inspiration and which can energize, give a good mood and give a new impetus to desires, plans and goals. Bar "Rublev" every day invites you to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Russian hospitality and taste traditional Russian cuisine prepared according to old Pskov recipes....

Lenten menu update картинка
Bar "Rublev" is in a hurry to offer you an updated Lenten menu. Our Lenten menu is so sophisticated and versatile that it will not leave anyone indifferent. Bar "Rublev" - a tasteful choice!

Business lunch in Rublev bar картинка
War is war, and lunch is on schedule. Especially if it's a bargain lunch! We remind you that in the bar "Rublev" from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00 there is a 15% discount on all menus, except for alcohol and tobacco products. See you at the Rublev bar!

Forgiveness Sunday. картинка
The last day of Maslenitsa is an important holiday called Forgiveness Sunday. On this day, they see off the winter and everyone asks each other for forgiveness. Tomorrow, on March 15, Great Lent begins and for all those who are fasting we will have a Lenten menu. We are waiting for you at the rublev bar!

Shrovetide in Rublev. It will be sunny and tasty! картинка
Since Monday we are going to bake pancakes with might and main: after all, Maslenitsa week is coming, one of the most satisfying of the year. Choose pancakes to taste: corn, pumpkin, buckwheat or wheat flour with spinach. For topping, try rustic sour cream, honey, jam or wheat pancakes with red caviar, green onions and sour cream. Shrovetide...

On March 7 and 8, a compliment to all women! картинка
Ladies, the holiday weekend is approaching. And especially for you, the Rublev bar has prepared a nice gift! On March 7 and 8, a compliment to all women! ☝ Check with the waiters for details. We are always glad to see you at the Rublev bar!

March 1 - International Day of Cats, World Day of Compliments and, of course, Spring Festival! картинка
What could be more beautiful than a warm, gentle sun, the smell of blooming vegetation and the singing of spring birds ?! After all, spring is associated with the most anxious hopes for the best. Any reason is good to remember each other and wish each other happiness. So let the day of compliments and the first day of spring become such an...

On your birthday, we give a 15% discount on the entire menu! картинка
It is believed that birthday is a sad holiday. We strongly disagree with this! If such a wonderful event is approaching - no need to think long about where to celebrate, we already have a solution! We invite you to the Rublev bar! Excellent Russian cuisine, convenient location, friendly atmosphere and, of course, a sweet gift! And on their...

When one piece is not enough картинка
If you are planning a celebration, or you just want to treat yourself and your loved ones with a delicious dessert, order a cake from our pastry chef! ⠀ Mousse cake made of chocolate, cream, fruit puree of mango, passionfruit, strawberry and raspberry - 1900 ₽ / 1 kg Three Chocolates cake with white, milk and dark chocolate mousse - 2200 ₽ / 1...

Let's celebrate the main men's holiday on a grand scale! картинка
On Defender of the Fatherland Day, by tradition, we congratulate our beloved men. Thank you for your courage, courage, reliable and strong shoulder! Let's celebrate the main men's holiday on a grand scale! For all guests of the "Rublev" bar today there is a tempting promotion: when ordering a hot dish - a drink as a gift. We are waiting for you...

If you are tired and have no strength at all to cook dinner, then we are going to you! картинка
Arrange delivery of your favorite dishes directly to your table! And we will try to make it as convenient and tasty as possible! 10% discount on order, and with self-pickup, we will give an additional 5% discount! Delivery can be arranged on the website or by phone 89113802020

Not sure how best to spend your evening? картинка
And we know, and we will tell you! You just need to go to the "Rublev" bar, choose your favorite dish, and order wine for this dish! A 20% discount when ordering a whole bottle, and 50% for every second glass will be a nice addition! That's all a great evening is ready! We will wait for you! We are always glad to see you!

We are organizing a mini-contest! картинка
Dear guests of our bar! We are organizing a mini-contest! The conditions are simple - come to us, take a photo, mark us) And in return we will give sweet prizes

We will organize an exquisite New Year's table at your home. картинка
Do not waste time at the stove - take it for yourself and your loved ones, and we will take care of the festive dishes! A duck aged in cherry liqueur, a piglet baked in the style of "Galantin", a stuffed pike perch stewed in a pair of champagne and allspice will move from Old Estate right to your table. In case of self-pickup, all pre-orders...

New cocktails and shots! картинка
Dear guests! We invite you to try our new cocktails and shots! Visit us and check out the new items. We are always glad to see you!

Every Friday and Saturday we have a special offer! картинка
Wine The ancestor of winemaking in ancient mythology was the prosperous god Dionysus, aka Bacchus, aka Bacchus. The god of winemaking was revered on a par with Apollo, magnificent festivities were arranged in his honor, praises were sung. Wine made life a holiday, and a regular meal a feast. Bar "Rublev" within its walls invites you to enjoy...

We are waiting for you at the Rublev bar for our beerfest! картинка
The work week has come to an end, and you do not know where to go with a company or family on Friday evening? Then we are waiting for you at the Rublev bar for our beerfest ! A warm atmosphere and delicious food from the updated beer menu will await you. But that's not all! Our promotion will last until the end of December, which means that we...

The most magical New Year at Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****! картинка
We know that you choose only the best for your family! And now you think where to celebrate the New Year? Do you want to spend your holidays tasty and fun, and make your loved ones happy? ⠀ Come to Old Estate! Your family will be interesting and comfortable with us: convenient location 5 minutes from the Pskov Kremlin on a quiet pedestrian...

The alcoholic card of the Rublyov bar is full of interesting drinks! We cook many of them with our own hands - with soul and knowledge of the matter. картинка
Plan a visit to the colorful Rublyov bar and be sure to appreciate the vigorous “horseradish” and aromatic “nutcracker” or Russian mulled wine - sbiten on wine. On November 7, there is a special offer for all guests of the "Rublev" bar - we double the order for drinks of our own production: when you order a second drink,...

We know two magic words that lift your spirits - tomorrow is a day off! картинка
On Wednesday, November 4, we celebrate the Day of National Unity in the restaurant "Aristocrat". Do not miss the opportunity to have a wonderful rest - reserve a table and enjoy the amazing atmosphere with friends and family. [Special offer of the evening - a free glass of wine when ordering a hot dish] Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 + 7 911...

It's time to book a New Year's corporate party! картинка
The Old Estate team will help you organize your New Year's corporate party at the highest level! We offer a spacious and bright room with a capacity of up to 120 guests - all guests can comfortably sit down and have fun, without denying themselves dancing. Exquisite dishes and high quality drinks, bright New Year's decoration of the hall, live...

Perfect compatibility - not in horoscopes. картинка
Juicy meat on coals and cold beer - the right summer combination is already on the tables of the Rublev bar terrace! July 3 from 18:00 to 22:00 we cook on an open fire: farm chicken pork neck Tiger chrimp grilled vegetables for dessert - apples baked in foil Let the summer be tasty, with a light aroma of haze! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, d....

Lightning News! картинка
From tomorrow, the Rublev Bar Terrace begins to work The colorful Rublev bar is the best place to relax in a large company. We have everything you need for a fun and interesting evening. For lovers of beer, we offer 10 bottling and bottle positions. We serve beer: juicy kebab, smoked Russian cheese with olives and hot pepper and fried cheese...

Juicy, tender, aromatic ... What are we talking about? картинка
About meat, of course, which is so loved by the guests of the Rublev bar. We invite real meat-eaters to appreciate our new product - pork shank from local farm pork. Our masters carefully bake it until golden brown and serve with stewed sauerkraut. Taste is the top! Friday is the time to try something new and really tasty! We are waiting for you...

Do you know the history of vinaigrette? картинка
Emperor Alexander I so passionately loved Russian cuisine that he did not go on any trip abroad without a chef's retinue. Once, during a business visit to France, the famous French chef Antoine Karem went into the kitchen where visiting Russian culinary specialists worked. Watching the work of foreign chefs, he became interested in cooking salad...

The interior is sophisticated and stylish. картинка
Do you agree that not only delicious dishes and drinks create a unique atmosphere, but also the interior - refined and stylish? If so, then you to the Rublev bar. Its interior is decorated with fresco paintings, wood and leather, intricate design chandeliers, handmade from curly pieces of colored glass. All this harmoniously fits into the style...

Did you miss the hearty and tasty dinner? картинка
You are at the very center of the city - at “Business Time” at the “Rublev” bar! From 12.00 to 15.00 from Monday to Thursday, we have a tempting 15% discount on all menus *. Great, right? Yes, and immensely delicious, generous, appetizing! Come and dine in a pleasant atmosphere with the highest level of service! Enjoy...

Cocktail Aperol Syringe картинка
In the bar & laquo; Rublev & raquo; a wide selection of summer cocktails is presented. & nbsp; Meet & mdash; cocktail Aperol-Syringe. & nbsp; It can rightly be called the most summer drink: alcoholic and refreshing, it will pleasantly complement a romantic dinner or meeting with friends. & Nbsp; Take a break from the heat and enjoy your favorite...

Fresh news in the restaurant - Bar Rublev картинка
Pleasure, and more! A selection of bright cocktails in our updated menu will entice anyone: Mojito non-alcoholic Cold ginger drink Homemade lemonade from rose hips, lemon or mint Today, Friday is the right time to try something new. Welcome to the restaurant - bar Rublev! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4. +79113802020

Our country once again celebrates the DAY OF RUSSIA! картинка
Friends, this day is not only a reason for pride in front of the whole world, but also a reason for a grand weekend at a restaurant Rublev bar !!! We are waiting for all-all - we note with a real Russian scale! Reserve a table

How in this heat without a glass of cold beer? картинка
It is clear that nothing! The Rublev Bar is in a hurry to the rescue: our range has been replenished with a bright, golden, classic German Pilsener Krombacher with a light hop bitterness and a pleasant aftertaste. Krombacher Pils is considered one of the best German beers in the premium segment. The purest spring water from the mountain springs,...

Summer offer картинка
We invite! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4. ☎ +7 (911) 3802020.

Could not get on the kebab last weekend? картинка
Do not worry, there are always the following in stock! Well, if things don't let go in the city, you can always try a ruddy and juicy kebab in the Rublev bar. In any day and weather, in the company of loved ones, in combination with noble drinks, in a stylish interior in the center of Pskov. Drop in for a visit! Reserve a table

Relatives and friends of the Russian man dishes - not only soup and pies. картинка
Doubt? We invite you to the bar "Rublev": to dispel myths and destroy stereotypes. The cuisine of our bar has a traditionally Russian direction, involving a wide variety of traditional cooking techniques, as well as recipes of the peoples of our vast country. We use the latest methods of European cuisine, which makes dishes especially tasty. Our...

Meet the bright novelty in the colorful bar “Rublev” - German beer Krombacher Hell. картинка
Unlike the classic variety, its taste can be described as sweetish, without bitterness. This beer has a lower hop content when compared to other Krombacher products. Accordingly, its taste is softer and more harmonious. Beer has a rich golden color, it plays in a glass, shimmers in the sun. The aroma of the drink contains light tones of hops and...

A wedding in the circle of those closest will be beautiful and soulful - spend it on the cozy terrace of the Rublev bar. картинка
Indoor room for 20 people. The terrace is decorated with fresco paintings, wood and leather, the interior is complemented by unique handmade elements and designer furniture. Chamber will give the wedding celebration of romance, ease and tranquility. Specify the details by phone: +7 911 380 20 20. Design: Event Agency "Florence" @ flororawedding60

Tomorrow the Rublev bar will again be filled with meat flavors - dishes are waiting for you on an open fire. картинка
May 9, we are preparing: chicken farm duck pig neck seafood Wash down the abundance of meat - craft beer or wine at very nice prices! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4. ☎ + 7 911 380 20 20. Reserve a table

Dishes cooked on open fire картинка
Dear guests and friends! In the bar "Rublev" there is a special summer menu and we are pleased to offer you dishes cooked over an open fire! * Come to treat yourself to deliciously delicious dishes from farm poultry meat, juicy pork, tender lamb and seafood! We are waiting for you at Verkhne-Beregovoy 4! Table reservation by phone: +79113802020...

Bar “Rublev” hotel Old Estate is able to fascinate and take you into the past! картинка
Do not believe? Come to our bar - you will find the atmosphere of a strong Russian feast, colorful interior and the most cordial welcome. Our chefs prepare dishes of Russian cuisine with the author's presentation on various occasions: a relaxing stay in a circle of loved ones, a birthday or a wedding celebration. We are waiting for you at the...

The restaurant "Aristocrat" - impeccable selection of wines. картинка
We have collected the best varieties of the Old and New Worlds. Come! We will help you choose a wine for lunch and dinner, or choose a rare instance from prestigious farms. A convenient and strict breakdown by country in the wine list will allow you to find the very drink for an elegant evening. Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 ☎ + 7 911 380 20...

Holiday Pskov Pie! картинка
On April 20, as part of the Pskov Pie Holiday, we treat all guests to freshly baked apple pie. We are waiting for you at the restaurant-bar "Rublev"! Pskov, st. Verkhne-Beregovaya, 4 ☎ + 7 911 380 20 20 Забронировать стол Меню

MRS. PSKOV 2019 картинка
We invite everyone to a unique evening CULINARY SHOW, which will be held in the restaurant "Aristokrat" hotel "Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****" - April 18. Beginning at 20.00. Our participants are ready to present their culinary masterpieces to the audience and jury! Seat reservation - 89113802020. Deposit for 1 person - 500 rubles. COMPETITION...

Great post - time for interesting new products. картинка
We have prepared a fast menu that will delight you with its originality. Try a vinaigrette with porcini mushrooms, a fragrant pumpkin cream soup and roast ripe garden vegetables. Lunch will be nutritious and healthy. And for dessert, try mashed strawberries with whipped vegetable cream. We are waiting for you in the restaurant "Aristocrat" and...

15% discount on all menus картинка
A great lesson in the middle of the day is to run away from the office in the cozy “Rublev” bar for a hearty lunch! Come - from Monday to Thursday from 12 to 15 hours 15% discount on all menus. Favorite dishes, pleasant atmosphere and the highest level of service - what everyone should have during the lunch break! The offer does not...

What could be better than the joy and happiness of the birthday? That's right - nothing! картинка
Celebrate your birthday in the Aristocrat restaurant or in the Rublev bar - the celebration will be at its best, because we have prepared for you a cloud of pleasant surprises: when ordering a table of 10 persons, we give a delicious festive cake; for a celebration from 10 to 20 people - we offer a welcome cocktail or cake; For 20 persons and...

Lenten menu картинка
Today is the beginning of Lent! The Aristokrat Restaurant and the Rublev Bar traditionally have a fast-food menu. Delicious and healthy dishes, save energy and strength for the whole day. Reserve a table

All the best - to children! картинка
In the restaurant “Aristocrat” and the bar “Rublev” there is something to please the little guests - we have developed a special children's menu. The kid can choose a dish to taste: homemade dumplings, meatballs with mashed potatoes, tender cheesecakes with sour cream, or healthy chicken soup. Young gourmets will...

Happy International Women's Day! картинка
Let harmony reign in the soul, love and comfort do not leave your home, and each new day begins with a smile! On this spring holiday we invite you to the restaurant "Aristocrat". In addition to the favorite dishes of European cuisine from the Chef, we will surprise the girls with beautiful live music from the cover group "RADIOband". And on...

Men's holiday - men's special offers on elite alcohol! картинка
On February 22 and 23, powerful discounts on cognac, Armagnac and whiskey will be available at the Rublev bar! Get together with your friends, reserve a table and enjoy Martell VSOP Cognac and Baron Otard VSOP Cognac at the price of VS, Samalens XO Armagnac at the price of VSOP, and Dewar's Signature and Glengoyne whiskey with a 50% discount....

50% discount on cognac, armagnac and whiskey! картинка
On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, by tradition, we congratulate the beloved men. Thank you for courage, dexterity, reliable and strong shoulder! Let's celebrate the main men's holiday in a big way! Today, in the bar "Rublev" there are pleasant discounts of 50% for cognac, armagnac and whiskey! We are waiting for you at the Old Estate...

Live music evenings in Aristocrat restaurant картинка
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday * guests of our restaurant can hear hits and covers performed by the soloist Vasilisa Stern. A strong and pleasant voice, incredible charisma, beauty and style of performance of the singer are able to win the heart and give vivid impressions! Pay attention to the special offer of the evening: for every second...

New year's night картинка
New Year 2019 with Quality Mark Do you already know where you are celebrating the new 2019? On December 31, we invite you to celebrate the New Year with a quality mark in the Aristocrat restaurant. Collection of guests at 22:00 In a programme: Темат welcome cocktail with themed snacks Author's dishes from the chef of the restaurant "Aristocrat"...

Snack to beer as a gift! картинка
The right drinks give a pleasant tone to friendly conversations! Plan a visit to the exquisite "Rublev" bar - we have an excellent action: "When ordering two glasses of Czech dark beer Cernovar Cerne - rye toasts with cheese sauce as a gift." Beer Cernovar Cerne is a traditional Czech dark camp with a pleasant hop aroma and a rich malt flavor....

Wine tasting! картинка
On July 13, the restaurant "Aristocrat" invites you to a wine tasting evening and a lecture from a wine expert, sommelier Ruslan Devetyarov. This time we get acquainted with the bright wines of the Old World! This Friday you will try: Aperitif: Sparkling "La Gioiosa" Rosea Rose Brut Sparkling Bernard-Massard "Cuvee de l'Ecusson" Brut and goat...

Business time at the Old Estate картинка
In the restaurant "Aristocrat" and the "Rublev" bar, a special offer "Business Time" is available for all lovers of a satisfying, generous and delicious dinner in a pleasant atmosphere with the highest level of service. From Monday to Thursday, from 12 to 15 hours, 15% discount applies to all menus *. A wonderful selection of hot dishes, soups,...

Welcome to restaurant - bar Rublev!

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